We believe that social media needs to evolve. Creators are not earning their fair share anymore.

The future of monetizing your social media network is here. For the first time, Web3 makes it possible for creators to earn more AND your community to share in the ad revenue.

Let's have our cake and eat it too. 🎂

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Dollarcake (coming soon) is a Web3 browser plugin that overlays on YouTube.

As a YouTube creator and community supporter, all you have to do is download the Dollarcake extension and let the magic happen.

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Ads Are

Dollarcake blocks YouTube ads and replaces it with our pre-selected targeted Ads. Dollarcake has its own recommendation engine for those in the cake community.


Ad revenue is then shared with the YouTube creator and their community. YouTube creators earn for views to their videos, and the YouTube community earns for each video they watch.


Every two weeks you earn DAI directly in your wallet that is built into the Dollarcake extension.

Non custodial wallet built in.

All payments made in xDAI stablecoin.

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