Ameer Rosic

Hey, I’m Ameer, Multiple founder, Investor, Philosophy junkie, psychonaut. Founder of Blockgeeks. And the host of ​#AmeerApproved A long-form conversation with guests ranging from entrepreneurs, professors, scientists, athletes, and many more global thought leaders.

Advisor for: Virgox,,, Q-con, Digitalshovel, Decentral, and many other

Mike Reilly

Almost 30 years programming experience. I've been writing and running Internet startups for 20 years. I first read Satoshi’s whitepaper in 2010 and launched my first crypto company the next year. Believeng strongly in the ideas Satoshi started, I've founded multiple crypto companies since and believe the current Internet's shortcomings can be solved with crypto.

Jesse Abramowitz

Blockchain Development Advisor

With multiple years of heavy blockchain development, which includes Defi, Zero knowledge and Substrate work. Jesse is the definition of crypto native and is super excited to bring his knowledge and expertise to the dollar cake team.